Hoodie weather kicks in right after Labor Day & those wind chills gonna make your old hoes lose composure& send that "Hey stranger" text . When this happens to you it's important to keep calm , you cant let the bitches know that you're on to them . And it's EXTREMELY important that you curve a bitch once in a while . This phenomenon creates thirst for your attention .
Bitches be wanting qualities in niggas that even Jesus don't require. The bible says "come as you are" why the fuck we gotta change for yall ? Wtf do yall sound like ? Thats why bitches be getting uppercutted and strong armed off buses now . They expect way too much & dont even be shit themselves. Females like to do shit , like post half-naked pictures on instagram , while they in a relationship . They just inviting other niggas to be thirsty , and then have to nerve to get mad , when another bitch text your phone . Aint that some shit ?
   •  If she handle more balls than Nurse Joy •  If she dont like kissing , lol all that dick she been sucking•  If her phone always on silent or vibrate when y'all together•  If you feel the need to watch her on social networks •  If there's a picture of Marilyn Monroe on her wall , dresser etc •  If she refers to herself as a " free spirit"  •  If she always trying to "turnup" , you already know wassup •  Especially if she say dumb shit like " i just like to have fun"  •  If a girl says she has more guy friends cause they have less drama, she definitely a hoe ! • If She only wanna chill at night , cause she be "too busy " during the day  •  If more than one dude think a subtweet is for him •  If she look like a nigga
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This nigga on a date & ask the bitch what she like to do . She say " I like to shoot guns" If thats not a red light then idk what it . He gonna be sleeping one night , and wake up to that bitch standing over him with the strap. . . Next thing you know he's going to be nthe next 48 .
Why would you ever think to play your beautiful girlfriend ? Those bitches be hard as hell to come across. They give you all they got, and you return the favor by treating them like shit . Thats not wavey at all . But then again who am i to judge ?
If you look down the timeline of your city's biggest hoes, I bet you see some of the most inspiring quotes . They do it to gain the acceptance of others ? Deep down they probably feel lonely inside . .
Girls always find something to bitch about . You could be looking at the sky & They be like " Wtf up there is that important,look at me " smh no chill button !
When girls tell me about their problems , i just nod my head & shit . Knowing damn well i dont have a care in the world.
Wouldnt that be some shit , if in the future , females couldn't leave the house without their husband & leash ?
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The friendzone is a dark hole in the ground , that no matter how hard you try , there aint no escaping  . If you dont know where you stand with someone , most likely your here already .
Side Notes :
There are thousands of copies of Drake's "Take Care" album available , once you get placed in the friendzone
When a girl replies back with "aww thanks" it means shes politely asking you to return to the friendzone that you just tried to escape from.
If you friendzone someone first , it cause them to thrist for your attention
The friend zone wouldn’t be such a bad place if they had Klondike bars
Being nice to bitches will have you running through rings tryna get out the friend zone like Sonic
If you always have to text her first, she's planning on putting you in the Friend Zone.