Hoodie weather kicks in right after Labor Day & those wind chills gonna make your old hoes lose composure& send that "Hey stranger" text . When this happens to you it's important to keep calm , you cant let the bitches know that you're on to them . And it's EXTREMELY important that you curve a bitch once in a while . This phenomenon creates thirst for your attention .
Bitches be wanting qualities in niggas that even Jesus don't require. The bible says "come as you are" why the fuck we gotta change for yall ? Wtf do yall sound like ? Thats why bitches be getting uppercutted and strong armed off buses now . They expect way too much & dont even be shit themselves. Females like to do shit , like post half-naked pictures on instagram , while they in a relationship . They just inviting other niggas to be thirsty , and then have to nerve to get mad , when another bitch text your phone . Aint that some shit ?
   •  If she handle more balls than Nurse Joy •  If she dont like kissing , lol all that dick she been sucking•  If her phone always on silent or vibrate when y'all together•  If you feel the need to watch her on social networks •  If there's a picture of Marilyn Monroe on her wall , dresser etc •  If she refers to herself as a " free spirit"  •  If she always trying to "turnup" , you already know wassup •  Especially if she say dumb shit like " i just like to have fun"  •  If a girl says she has more guy friends cause they have less drama, she definitely a hoe ! • If She only wanna chill at night , cause she be "too busy " during the day  •  If more than one dude think a subtweet is for him •  If she look like a nigga
If you look down the timeline of your city's biggest hoes, I bet you see some of the most inspiring quotes . They do it to gain the acceptance of others ? Deep down they probably feel lonely inside . .